The DAOincubator


At DAOincubator we bring together builders, activists, researchers and investors to user in the age of DAOs. We believe the blockchain and decentralized governance space can benefit greatly from a network of digital and physical locations that are conductive to:
  • knowledge transfers
  • fostering cross-project pollination and conducting integrations
  • fundamental and practical research on behalf of DAOs and third parties
  • grant applications match-making and support
  • funding for incubatees
  • prototyping and deploying DAOs for communities as well as traditional institutions and companies
Our purpose is to create more successful DAO pilots, through research, experiments and incubation. I requires us to use cutting edge tools for decentralized governance, funding and task allocation as well establishing a future DAO oriented and managed fund.
We’re building a coordinated ecosystem of open collaboration, where people with a wide range of specializations and viewpoints can be tapped to help develop projects and ideas. By documenting our progress and our observations, we will also propagate our learning to the larger ecosystem in order to advance the thinking around the DAO design space.



Last modified 4yr ago