Purpose: Making optimal investment decisions for a decentralized hedge fund.
Current Stage: Betoken Beta running on Rinkeby Testnet with ~70 managers, waiting for security audit in order to launch on Mainnet.

Governed Objects & Mechanics

Investment decisions are made by a community of managers, each of whom owns Kairo tokens (non-transferrable) denominating the percentage of total funds they can manage. Making profits increases one’s Kairo balance, and making losses decreases it, resulting in a meritocratic Kairo distribution over time. Managers receive a monthly commission based on their Kairo balance, so they’re incentivized to make better investments. Managers may initiate a protocol upgrade via voting with Kairo, and at the same time electing the dev team responsible for protocol maintenance & development. The dev team receives monthly funding from the hedge fund’s AUM.

Looking for

We need funding to pay for a security audit, legal guidance regarding incorporation & regulations, and technical expertise regarding potential flaws & attack surfaces of the incentive model.

Additional info:

Telegram: @betokenfund