Bundesblock DAO

Purpose: Representing the German blockchain industry, Bundesblock educates decision-makers in politics, industry and the general public. Its 24 working groups cover topics such as 'legal', 'sandboxing', 'governance' as well as a variety of use cases, such as 'finance', 'insurance' and 'energy'. https://bundesblock.de/​‌
Current Stage: The working groups are up and running. The governance of the working groups is purely manual as of now and only vaguely defined.‌

Governed Objects & Mechanics

Bundesblock seeks a tool allow its 20+ working groups to elect a speaker, vote in/out members and vote on positions.‌

Looking for

a) Governance & usability research In a first step, we would look to collaboratively explore options how a DAO could help the working groups coordinate - and where would this add to much friction. This includes considering 'centralized' tools such as Doodle polls and see where a decentralized governance tool justifies the added friction.‌
b) Technical research & implementation In a second step, an appropriate solution should be implemented for a trial run.‌

Additional info

Working groups are active on Slack channels
There are ongoing talks to Slock.it about using a DAO framework of theirs but, as of know, a platform decision has yet to be made (once step 1 has been completed)