Video DAO

Purpose: To manage the Staking and running of a Transcoder on the Livepeer network‌
Current Stage:
The campaign and project plan has been published on Livepeer's forum:​‌
A Transcoder node is running as part of the set of 25 Active transcoders on Livepeer's network, and has amassed a bonded stake of 71,690 LPT (approximately $578k at today's spot price for LPT).‌
The node is generating approximately 2 LPT ($16) every 20.8 hours / 5760 blocks in Ethereum's blockchain.‌
A DAO has been created on Aragon and an initial deposit of funds has been made. No votes have yet been proposed.‌
Development of the code for Phase 2 is in progress, to allow a DAO to approve / bond / unbond / withdraw tokens to / from nodes on Livepeer's network.‌

Governed Objects & Mechanics‌

Livepeer Transcoder configuration, and distribution of funds generated from Inflationary Reward mechanics.‌

Looking for

Guidance on how to develop the concept, funding for phases of development, community to share these ideas with.